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Membership in the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association is open to the following:

Active Member - Active membership in this Association shall be limited to full-time law enforcement chief executives and command staff as determined by the Chief Executive, engaging in the management of municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida. All active members shall have the right to vote in this Association. An individual seeking an active membership with the association will be required to obtain a written sponsorship from a currently affiliated ACTIVE member of the Association. Annual dues for active members is $50.

Associate Member - This membership shall consist of all persons not eligible for active membership, but who are qualified by training and experience in law enforcement or other law enforcement activity, or by other professional attainments in the law enforcement and criminal justice sciences. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active members, except that of voting and holding office. Each applicant for associate membership shall be endorsed by a chief executive holding active membership. Annual dues for associate members is $50.

Corporate Member - To be a corporate member, the applicant must be a person in good standing in the community who has shown a strong desire to further the aims of quality law enforcement. He/she must be proposed by an active member of the TBACPA and must receive a two-thirds (2/3) recommendation of approval by the Board of Directors present. Sustaining members may attend and participate in meetings but shall have no vote and may not hold office. It should be noted that membership is granted to individuals and NOT to entities as a whole. Annual dues for corporate members is $100.

To apply for membership, or to renew an existing membership, complete the form below and complete the application.

To apply or renew your membership, please complete the following steps:

Step # 1 - Application

Please click below and the application

will open in a new window. Complete the application and follow the directions at the bottom of the application. When completed proceed to Step #2 for payment.

Step # 2 - Payment

To pay your application or renewal fee

via PayPal, please click below

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